Where To Buy The New Sense Blazer 200 Tank

Posted by on Dec 28, 2016 in Blog

Good afternoon all of you awesome readers. Today we are back to tell you about a great new sub ohm tank on the market and where to get it. The famous Vape company Sense just came out with a bad a** new Tank that is in direct competition with the Original TFV8 Cloud Beast. It even uses the same coils, so yes the coils are cross compatible. The Tank is called the Sense Blazer 200 and it is definitely in a class of it’s own. Don’t get me wrong, almost all of the Tanks made by Sense are excellent, but this is on another level. With the .2 ohm coils you can reach 20oW if you really wanted to. But honestly, there isn’t really a need for that, it’s just too high a wattage to use every day all day. You can pick up the Sense Blazer 200 Tank over at The Best Vape for about $30 plus shipping. They also have both coils if you want to pick up a pack while you are there. All of the reviews about the Tank are very good so far, so we can’t imagine a regular vape consumer having any issues with it. If you a Sub Ohm Tank fan and like to have the latest and greatest then this tank is definitely for you. If you decide to pick one up over @ The Best Vape you can expect super fast shipping, excellent customer service, and low prices on pretty much everything they have. The tank is available in 2 colors right now, SS or Silver and Black. Both of them look great so either once will look good with whatever mod you currently are using. The 2 different coils available are a .2 ohm sextuple coil and a .6 ohm ceramic coil. From what we have heard so far the ceramic coils is much better by far. We will judge for ourselves though once we get ours in the mail. The shop we have been talking about should have the tank in stock by Thursday December 29th. You can sign up for In Stock notifications on the product page we linked to above.

Ok well that is it for today. We hope you found what you were looking for. Have a excellent day, and keep visiting our site.

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