Check This West Palm Locksmith Out Now

Posted by on Oct 16, 2015 in Blog

Hey hey hey everyone of my awesome readers and visitors, first off we hope everyone had a great New Years. Second, today we are going to talk about a great local business that did an excellent job for me over the holidays. I was out with a lot of friends on the Eve and I happened to lock my keys in the car. That meant we were forced to call a locksmith in west palm beach to come out and save the day, before midnight that is. So what we did was open up our phones and 3 of us each called a different locksmith company. Our choices came from going to Google and searching for locksmith in West Palm Beach. We each asked the same few questions and then discussed with each other who we were going to choose to use. The final decision came down to three things, the first thing obviously was the price, the second thing was the amount of time it would take for them to get to where we were located, and the third thing was how polite each representative was over the phone. Now I know some of you might be saying that #3 does not matter much, but for our purposes it did. We made our decision and called back our choice to confirm the appointment and give them the directions. They said over the phone that it would take anywhere from 15-30 minutes to arrive. Well they happened to get there 13 minutes later. That right there should get them five stars. Now moving on, it only took the guy who came out 4 minutes to get the3 lock open and to retrieve the keys. The final part was the payment, and ju8st like they quoted over the phone, they honored that price and charged the same exact thing. There are many locksmith companies that will give you a price over the phone and then when they arrive and finish the job they jack up the price.

Today I am going to do something special for you guys and girls. I am going to tell you about an excellent locksmith company that we used and that does great work all around. It is completely up to you if you use them or not, we are in no way influencing you to choose them over another company. And please keep the following in mind as well, we do not and will not receive any compensation if you do decide to use the company we recommend to you. We are only doing this post so that our visitors can get a good deal and not get ripped off. You can go check out and do some research at the following website to get more information about their services, pricing, and contact info. The only thing we can say is that they did an excellent job for us and a few people we know. We do not guarantee any pricing or anything regarding their services. I hope that a few people will take the info we posted and put it to good use. Remember, you never know when you will forget your keys in your car, house, or business and it is best to always have contact info in your phone for emergencies or if their is no internet where you are when you are locked out.