Strezov Sampling – The Performers Bundle (Player Edition) (KONTAKT)


Strezov Sampling – The Performers Bundle 

Three unique vocal instruments, including Gregorian and Orthodox choirs, as well as Bulgarian folk singing.

The Performers Anonym Gregorian Choir

An extensive collection of breathtaking and mystical phrase-based Gregorian chants, compiled with particular emphasis on maximum flexibility and usability for composers and producers. Recorded at different tempos and in whole-tone scale within one octave. Comes with open .wav files for import into the DAW or Sampler of your choice.

Performers – Virtuoso performance at your fingertips
Launching a new line of The Performers from Strezov Sampling, focusing on musical virtuoso performances that traditional multisampling methods can’t create, “Anonym Gregorian Choir” features a vast collection of famous Gregorian chants, recorded on world-class equipment at the Sofia Session Studio and mixed to three microphones. positions (Close, Decca and Hall).

All performances are combined into a new engine based on NI Kontakt, allowing the user to freely display all phrases and musical parts of phrases to their liking, thus creating new combinations outside of known layouts.

To ensure maximum usability and flexibility, all performances were recorded with clicks at various tempos and on a full pitch scale within one octave. You are not limited to certain tempos or keys with this collection. In addition to this, Performers Anonymous Gregorian Choir also comes with open .wav files for importing all performances into the DAW or sampler of your choice.

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