BABY Audio – Transit v1.1.0 VST, VST3, AAX, AU WIN.OSX x86 x64


BABY Audio – Transit v1.1.0 

This plugin kills static mixes. We’ve teamed up with Andrew Huang to create the Transit FX plugin that will give your mixes a super punch. Use it for build-ups, drops, movement effects, lifts and sweeps – and keep your listeners on their toes at all times.


Do you want everything to be quick and easy? Transit features 300+ creative, modern, mind-blowing and “hands-raising” presets created by Andrew Huang and friends at Baby Audio. These presets provide a wide range of options across different genres and use cases to instantly meet your needs.
You can also get creative by using a flexible randomization engine that allows you to set specific randomization ranges and lock modules/parameters to only randomize certain parts of the plugin. This can give your tracks completely new directions.


Switch from macro mode to sequencer mode to program and trigger DAW-synced transitions with the touch of a button. Each transition will start exactly from the next bar. This is ideal for live use. Or to record perfectly timed automations into a mix session without having to enter automation tracks.
The sequencer opens up additional possibilities for using Transit: Turn on Loop mode and your transitions will pulse back and forth endlessly. This turns the Transit into a creative “LFO tool” for adding constant FX movements to tracks.


Copy “3474039f0cc3be01c21f0c8fb205f789.lcs”
to ~/Library/Application Support/af854ba56b229a56c422472ee764eba8/.

Since you see ~/ at the beginning, this is the user’s folder!

File TORRENT FILE Download

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