Wavesequencer – Theia v1.00 STANDALONE, VST3i, AU WIN.OSX x64


Wavesequencer – Theia v1.00 

The sonic beauty of Hyperion, simplified. Theia provides easy access to the powerful Hyperion synthesizer and its stunning, extensive sound library of nearly 600 presets. Its performance-focused interface puts key controls for each sound within easy reach, making it easy to view complex patch designs and focus on making music. It’s an instant source of musical inspiration for producers of all genres.

The content of presets is formed from one or more layers of rich sounds, which can be accessed and modified through the Sound Layer Editor. Each layer can be configured independently: MIDI channel selection, transposition, key response zones, pitch bend ranges, voice distribution, and arpeggiation settings.

1> Open Theia, click “Unlock”.
2> Execute Keygen, select Theia from the list – Enter Theia’s Machine ID in the keygen and click “Generate”.
3> Click “Offline Unlock” and open the created license file.

File TORRENT FILE Download

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