Bogren Digital – AmpKnob RevC v1.3.43 & BassKnob STD v1.3.73 SAL, VST3, AAX x64


Bogren Digital – AmpKnob RevC v1.3.43 & BassKnob STD v1.3.73

Bogren Digital is committed to providing you with the best sounding products, created by experienced producers with real-world experience. Founded in 2020 by Jens Bogren and Jacek Sniecikowski.

Using a firewall, adding a line to the hosts file – choose the method that is most suitable for you.

  • Activation/Registration:

Run the TurboActivate.exe file located in the Activator folder.
Select “More Options”.
Select “Manual Offline Activation”.
Run our keygen and select a product.
Copy “Serial” in the keygen and paste it into the “Product Key” of the activator.
In the activator, click the “Next” button.
Click the “Save Activation Request File” button in the activator and save the request file.
Click the “Generate” button in the keygen and open the request file, then save the response file.
Click “Open Activation Answer File” in the activator and open the answer file.

If you accidentally closed the keygen and activator after entering “Product Key”,
run the activator again and select “Retype your product key” instead of “Other options”.
Then enter your new “Product Key” and click Next, select “Manually Activate Offline”.
You can continue activation.

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