The Recordist – Devil-Dog (WAV)


The Recordist – Devil-Dog 

This is Dixie, a special English bull terrier with amazing vocals data unlike anything I’ve ever heard. She is special because she is deaf and cannot hear what comes out of her mouth. She is loved and cared for. My friends who live here in this city kindly allowed me to come to their home and record her voice.

The sounds it made when I was in the room were great, but after a while I went outside for 5 minutes and left them the equipment and they were able to get it to make some really cool sounds. They didn’t want her to do this for too long because she might get tired from worrying.

I recorded it in 24-bit 192K and plan to release a full library of her crazy “alien” sounds in the future. Soon I will leave the equipment with them overnight to hear the sounds she makes in her sleep. Enjoy – Frank

  • 60 WAV

I used the Sennheiser MKH-416 and MKH-8040 with the filter module mounted on a small stand.

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