THX & Plugin Alliance – Spatial Creator v1.0.0 VST3, AAX x64


THX & Plugin Alliance – Spatial Creator v1.0.0 

THX Spatial Creator allows you to binauralize elements in your mix and place them in a 3D immersive audio space.

Immersive sound, sometimes referred to as spatial sound, aims to create a three-dimensional sound environment that envelops listeners from all angles – front, side, back, above and below. Techniques commonly used to create an immersive experience include object-based audio, binaural audio, and ambisonics. Unlike traditional surround sound, spatial audio allows for more dynamic and precise placement of sound sources. The headphones can also play immersive audio mixes, so the possibilities aren’t limited to surround sound systems.

Say goodbye to cumbersome spatial audio systems that require you to implement a new mixing workflow. THX Spatial Creator can be inserted into any audio or MIDI track on your digital audio workstation. It integrates with your existing production process, making creating spatial audio mixes easier than ever.


x64: VST3, AAX


Plugin will show up under “Plugin Alliance” in your DAW. Enjoy!

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